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Roger Kenrick to Sir John Trevor (Cannon Row, Westminster): his dealings with Griffith the carpenter 'that did deny to pay the same rent but thought to have escaped by going off your land and committing some trespass at his going by taking away the gate from before the door and other things which he most [?must] bring again' and his son 'who lived at Thomas Allint, left it and carried away some purtenance that belonged to the house as boards and joists of the loft and the garden door, the stair ladder that was to go into the loft which must be brought again' both of whom he handed over to the Sheriff and hopes others will take note of this example; also needs to do something about Lloyd's wife in Llay as she will not leave and cannot pay; fears Ellis Allington by whom he had sent £50 has been 'pressed' as recipient appears not to have received it; John Rondle of Llay and Mrs Edisbury of the Rofft are dead; 1 am come to the Rossett Goch since May day and indeed I cannot find a dry room as much as to set a bed in and all the wall on the south side of the house ready to fall. I have had Mr Peck and Edward Hughes and a carpenter to view the decays of the house and barn which is very great'; Mr Peck's brother Captain Peck has died in Ireland; hopes all the new vines will grow but the sainfoin is very indifferent.


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