Copy probate (dated 21 July 1738) of the will (dated 6 August 1736) of John Gurden of Leckhampstead, co. Bucks., Yeoman. Testator bequeaths the message or tenement where he now lives and 4 closes in Leckhampstead to his grandson John Gurden; the two closes in Leckhampstead which he purchased of John Ingram to his grandson Stephen Gurden; and his tenement in Whittlebury in pa. Greens Norton called the Crown Inn along with 10 acres of land to his grandson Richard Gurden. He also leaves a close in pa. Beachampton called the Great Meadow to his daughter Mary Gurden and his messuage or tenemnt and 4 acres of arable land in Denshanger in pa. Passenham along with two closes of pasture called Goodwins and Coles to his son William Gurden, whom he also names as his executor.