Counterpart declaration

Scope and Content

1. Sir George of Westerham, co. Kent,Knight.

2. Arthur Duke of Chesweeke, co. Middlesex, Doctor of Laws.

Declaration that when Grafton Parke and Potersbury parke, part of the Honor of Grafton, co. Northampton were granted to nos. 1 and 2 by letters patent of Charles 1 dated 5 January 1644 £5000 of the consideration money of £7000 was paid by Arthur Duke and £2000 by Sir George Strode; and that therefore five parts of the said parks are to remain to Arthur Duke and two parts to Sir George Strode.


"This parchment writeing was showed to Sir Charles Harbord Knight att the time of his Examinacion taken in Chancery on the part and (behalf) of Robert Sainthill the younger, Complainants against Margarett Strode and others by their Guardians, defendants.

Ni: Strode"