Lease and Release

Scope and Content

1. John Stevenson of Queen Street, London, warehouse-man.

2. The Rt. Hon. Washington Earl Ferrers.

3. The Rt. Hon. Richard Earl Temple.

Lease and Release purpoting a mortgage of the manors of Astwell and Falcott, co. Northampton; a messuage and closes called Horse Paddocks, Paddocks Meadow, Middle Close by the Mill, Lawn meadow, Barons Mill, Lawn Grove Paddock and Old Orchard, Bowling Leyse, Oat Close Bushy Close Stoney Clappers, Highfield, High Moore, Coney Grey Close and Close Ox Close formerly Cocker Hills; a close called Formerly Cocker Hills; a close called Abbots Meadow and one yard land in Wappenham Field; two messuages and closes called Corn Close, Cinquefoil Close, Hagrills Field Meadow, Baldwins Meadow, Dove Ditch, Falcott Field, Dry Close, two little closes, Whiteings Closes, Five Acres, How Moore and Hills Close; closes called mill Meadow, Meghill Close and Horse Chains, Upper Pool, Lower Pool and Upper Close beyond Mill Lane; two messuages and closes called House Grounds, Great Broad Meadow, Chappel Close, Yeaming Close, Middle Field and Falcott Hither Field formerly Widow Whittens; closes called Falcot Field, Home Field, part of Whitty Field, little Seven acres and half Great Seven Acres; a messuage and closes called half Great Seven Acres, Furzy or Whithy bField and Cottage Close; a messuage and closes called the wormshill. Wormshill Meadow, Dry Close and Falcott Field; closes called the Furzey Ground, New Meadow, Little Broad Meadow, the Baron Close and How Moore; closes called the Strip Meadow otherwise the Hooks Chinsh Leyse otherwise Leas Collarts Close adjoining to the Park and Withy Field, two closes called the Rushy Ground and Long Meadow all in the manorsof Astwell and Falcott in ps. Wappenham, co. Northampton; a parcel of ground called the Hooksin Helmdon Field, co. Northampton, closes called the putford, Brookfield, Officers Close, Pool Meadow, Ram Closes, Barn Yard Close, Wheat Close, Furze Close, Ferney Hill and Road Close, all in the manors of Astwell and Falcott and parish of Wappenham; closes called the Butchers Meadow, Bear Coppice Ground, Bear Coppice Meadow, Butchers Coppice, Stockings Coppice Lawn and Crowfield; closes called the Lawn and Stripe, Stockings Coppice, Reynolds Corner, Reynolds Pool Close, the Paddocks and the Stockings Coppice Meadow all lyingin the precincts and territories of Lycesham, co. Northampton; closes called the South East Field otherwise Home wils, North East Field otherwise the further wils, Crowfield next Oak Lawn, part of the Lodge, Lodge Meadow, Grove Lawn, Little Meadow, watch Lawn, part of the Lodge and yard, Hoor Oak Lawn, Pool Meadow and Middle Ground; a close called Haines Meadow; a parcel of ground called The Seven Lands and Fields in Wappenham Field; a parcel of wood ground called Priest Hayes Wood all in the manors of Astwell and Falcot in pa. Wappenham; a Coppice called the Squirrell Coppice and a parcel of ground called Bitchenel Hill all within the precincts and territories of Lycesham, co. Northampton to secure £4802 17s 9d and interest.