Copy will (dated 21 November 1794) of Robert Porter of Leckhampstead, Stony Stratford, Steeple Claydon, Thornborough, Whitchurch and Newton Longville, co. Bucks. and Wicken and Abthorpe, co. Northampton to Philip Box and John Clarke (whom he names as his executors), in trust for his sons and daughters, namely, Thomas Porter, Robert Porter, Mary Sheene, Elizabeth Malius, Eleanor Brickwell and Martha Smith and their heirs. First codicil appended (dated 25 May 1795). The testator directs that the share of his real and personal estate which he bequeathed to his son Thomas Porter is to be shared between his other son and daughter. He also bequeaths £400 to his grandson John Brickwell. Second codicil appended (dated 19 September 1796). The testator bequeaths a further £400 and all his live and dead stock to his grandson John Brickwell. He also revokes the appointment of John Clarke as his trustee and executor, and appoints Richard Scott of Maidstone, co. Bucks., Gent., in his place.