Counterpart release

Scope and Content

1. Elizabeth Prowse of Wicken, co. Northampton, Widow.

2. The Company of Proprietors of the Grand Junction Canal.

Counterpart release (under the terms of an "An Act for making certain navigable cuts from the towns of Buckingham, Aylesbury and Wendover...") of parcels of land lying in enclosed fields and meadows called Dry Meadow, Pump Meadow, Paddocks, Alford Field, Upper East Meadow, Dagnalls Meadow, Rye Field, Home Close, Lower Baznall, Mount Field, Upper Baznall New Close, Long Sours and Sheep-pen field in the parish of Wicken, co. Northampton, for the purpose of making and joining the canal mentioned in the act.

Consideration: £844

Plan of lands appended.

Seal of Grand Junction Canal Company.