Scope and Content

1. James Percival of Northampton in co. Northampton, Gardiner.

2. Charles Flecknoe of Wicken, co. Northampton, Yeoman.

3. Major Sutton of Bedfordsbury near Covent-Garden in the parish of St. Martins in the Fields, co. Middlesex, Corner-Chandler.

4. Thomas Webb of Wicken, Carpenter.

Assignment of a mortgage by demises for the residue of a term of 1000 years of a close of pasture lying next to Rodd Greene called Bushy Close; a "pightle" of ground called the hither pightle lying on the North West side of Mount Hill; "the furthermost pightle of meadow ground" adjoining the South East side of Mount Hill; a piece of arable land called Lowage-Peice lying in the field called Dagnell field; one acre of arable land called Crabtree peice abutting on John's Coppice in East Stockin; and two roods of arrable land lying in the West Out-Feild and adjoining Thorneton Hedge (all in the parish of Wicken)