Attested copy settlement

Scope and Content

1. Harry Brett of Wimpole Street, co. Middlesex, Esq.

2. Elizabeth Whalley of Ecton, co. Northampton, Spinster, only daughter of Palmer Whalley, Clerk, late rector of Ecton, deceased.

3. The Rev. Thomas Whalley of Ecton, Clerk and Robert Adamson of John Street near Hill Street, Berkeley Square, co. Middlesex.

Attested copy settlement (dated 7 September 1805) before the marriage of nos. 1 and 2 touching a sum of £5,500 due to no.2 under the terms of her father's will and the lands and tenements late of Barbara Whalley limited to the use of no. 2 under the terms of the same will, and also touching sum of £2000 and £5000.