Lease and Release

Scope and Content

1. Thomas Maule of Hardington, co. Northampton, Grazier, youngest son of George Maule, late of Castle Ashby in the same county, Clerk, deceased.

2. William Painter of Radstone, co. Northampton, Yeoman; Timothy Blencowe of Halse in pa. Brackley, co. Northampton, Grazier.

Lease and release of a messuage or tenement lying in a place called Abbots Stockings, closes of land called Bushey Close, the Lesser Mead (lying next to a close called Wormell); four closes belonging to the tenement, two of which are known as House Ground and Mddle Ground, and an enclosed ground called Pooll Meadow (all of which lands and closes "lately were and now are called" House Ground, Bankey Close, Upper Dry Close, Lower Dry Close, the Upper Bushey Ground, the Lower Bushey Ground, the Stock Ground, the Little Meadow and hook of ground thereto belonging, the Great Meadow and Spring Close and two coppices of woodland, one of which lies in Little Meadow, all in pa. Helmdon, co. Northampton.

Consideration : £1500.