Scope and Content

1. Richard Ridgeway of Bourton, co. Bucks., Dairyman.

2. William Henry Brickwell and Thomas Davey Hurst both of Leckhampstead, Dairymen.

3. Isaac Hurst of Hardwicke, co. Bucks. Yeoman.

4. Alexander Hinton of Bedford, Grocer.

Conveyance of a messuage or tenement formerly called Elmes House and closes of land called Home Close comprising lands formerly called Home Close, Far Close and The Home Ploughed Piece), Elmes Great Close otherwise Seven Acre Piece, Far Ploughed Piece, Hobbe's Close, Hobbe's Nether Close otherwise Puttock's Hill, Turvey's or The Thoroughfare, Cow House Ground, The Chadwells otherwise Snoxells, Middle Long Close and The Stripe (formerly part of New Close) and Far Ground and two cottage erected by Robert North on land formerly part of The Home Ploughed Piece all in pa. Leckhampstead, co. Bucks.

Schedule and plan of lands included.

Total consideration: £2,800.