Scope and Content

1. Sir Charles Mordaunt of Walton, co. Warwick, Bart.

2. Frederick Cobb of the same, Gent.

Conveyance enrolled being a deed of disentailment of the Manor of Wicken otherwise Wickhamond otherwise Wickdive, the free fishery in the River Ouse and in the canal or navigation; the advowson in the Rectory of Wicken; a capital Messuage called Wicken Lodge or the Manorhouse of Wicken and then Wicken Park, several enclosed coppice woods containing 394 acres; messuages, tenements and farms called Wicken Park Farm, Wicken Hurst Farm, Manor Farm otherwise Bradbury's Farm,Dagnell Farm, Mount Mill Farm, Little Hill Farm; 2 closes of land containing 4 acres; 2 dwelling houses and yards gardens and land containing 4 acres; an orchard called Horton's Orchard; a close called Terrys; a messuage in the tenure of the Rev. Henry Quartley and several cottages or dwelling houses all in ps., hamlets, vills or townships of Wicken otherwise Wickhamond otherwise Wickdive, Dagnall, Denshanger and Passenham, co. Northampton and at Lynesend and Leckhampstead, co. Buckingham; and parks called Grafton Park and Potterspury Park in co. Northampton; coppices and woods in Alderton and Paulers Pury called the West Wood and the Alder Spinney; and messuages, tenements and farms called Grafton Lodge farm and Pury Lodge farm all in Grafton, Potters Pury, Paulers Pury, Alderton otherwise Aldrington and Yardley Gobion, co. Northampton (being lands mentioned in the marriage settlement of Sir John Mordaunt and Caroline Sophia Murray, the parents of no. 1)