Copy deed to lead the uses of a fine

Scope and Content

1. John Seaman of Wicken in co. Northampton, Gent., and Sarah his wife.

2. Robert Burburrowe of Wicken, tailor.

3. John Geyton of Thorneborowe, co. Bucks., Wheelwright.

4. Henry Jerum son and heir of Thomas Jerum late of Wicken, deceased.

5. Thomas Adkins the elder of Wicken, Labourer; Thomas Adkins the younger of the same, Labourer.

6. John Bolt of the same, Gent.

Deed to lead the uses of a fine of two cottages and twenty two acres of land in the parish of Wicken together with common of pasture for sixteen cows and thirty sheep in the common fields of Wicken.


Memorandum. John Bolt purchased the Rights of Robert Barborrow John Geyton Thomas Jerum and the 2 Adkins's besides what he himself purchased of John Seaman - The lands aly dispersedly in the common Fields, and several Rights of Common were within the Town Common Fields and precincts (or boundaries) of Wicken.

The whole include 2 cottages, 22 acres of land and common of pasture for 18 cows and 31 sheep.