Copy will (dated 1 February 1719) of Thomas Woolman of Stony Stratford, co. Bucks., Blacksmith. After numerous small financial bequests, testator bequeaths his tenement on the east side of Stony Stratford and his three closes in Leckhampstead all in co. Bucks. to his nephew Robert Bradford and his wife Sarah for life, and then to the heirs male of Robert Bradford, and indefault of such heirs to the daughter (named) of Robert Bradford for ever. He also directs his executor to remit and forgive all the money that Thomas Bradford (testator's brother in law) owes to the testator on conditions that Thomas Bradford conveys to his son Robert Bradford the tenement where he lives in Brackley, co. Northampton (mortgaged to the testator) during the testator's lifetime. He also names Robert Bradford as his executor.