Attested copy probate (dated 11 November 1830) of the will (dated 13 October 1828) of Thomas Whalley of Ecton, co. Northampton, clerk. Testator bequeaths his advowson of the Rectory of Ecton and his manors, messuages, tenements and lands in ps. Ecton, Cogenhoe otherwise Cooknoe and Great Billing, co. Northampton to his son John Christopher Whalley and his first or other sons. He bequeaths his lands and tenements in the hamlet of Denshanger in pa. Passenham, co. Northampton to his son Thomas Palmer Whalley. He leaves his cottages, closes, lands and tenements in Thrapston and Titchmarsh, co. Northampton to his son Charles Henry Whalley. He leaves £2000 stock (part of his Capital Stock of the Bank of England) each to his sons Thomas Palmer Whalley and Charles Henry Whalley along with all his Grand Junction Canal shares. The residue of his personal estate he leaves to his son John Christopher Whalley. He names Robert Andrew, Harry Brett and Richard Farrer as his executors and guardians of his three sons.