Scope and Content

1. Thomas Mangey D.D. and Dorothy his wife.

2. Thomas Prowse of Axbridge, co. Somerset, Esq. and Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters of John Sharp late of Grafton Parke, co. Northampton, Esq., deceased.

3. Mary Sharp of London, spinster, the other daughter of the said John Sharp.

4. Anna Maria Sharp widow and executrix of John Sharp.

5. William Lowndes of Astwood, co. Bucks., Esq.

Mortgage of lands in cos. Lincoln and Northampton to secure a sum of £3000 and interest.


1. Richard Lowndes of Red Lion Square, co. Middlesex, Esq.

2. William Thorold now or late of Great Grimsby, co. Lincoln, Clerk.

3. The Rev. John Methuen Rogers of Berkeley, co. Somerset, Clerk.

4. William Holbeche of Farmborough, co. Warwick, Esq.

5. Sir John Mordaunt of Walton, co. Warwick, Bart., Dame Elizabeth his wife and Charles Mordaunt Esq., his son and heir apparent.

Surrender (no. 1 to no. 5) of the remainder of a term of interest of 500 years in lands in cos. Lincoln and Northampton.