Scope and Content

1. Thomas Prowse of Axbridge, co. Somerset, Esq., and Elizabeth his wife; John Prowse of the same, Esq., son and heir of Thomas Prowse.

2. The Rev. Henry Quartley, Clerk, Rector of the parish of Wicken otherwise Wickhamond otherwise Wickdive, co. Northampton.

Agreement concerning the glebe lands and tithes of Wicken. All glebe lands except the parsonage, homestead and gardens are to be vested in no. 2 and his successors. All commons and rights to common in Sutfield Green and the Hurst in the parish of Wicken, and all tithes great and small and all rates and compositions for title are to be vested in no. 1. In lieu of the glebe lands, commons and tithes the parsonage, orchards, gardens, the soil of the lane leading from Wicken Town to Lilby Wood and closes called the Old Church Yard, the Home Ten Acres, Home Close, Kent Close, a parcel of land called the Grove and closes called Turners Close, Calves Close, Lilby Leas and the Far Ten Acres together with part of the Broad Lane, part of "the Riding next to Leckhampstead Parish Boundary", the North part of Bushey Close, the North part of Upper Waterslade and a close called Lower Waterslade are to be vested in no. 2. In addition no. 2 and his successors are to receive an annual rent of £130 issuing out of the farms, lands and tenements of no. 1. No. 2 and his successors are also freed of the charge of providing and keeping a bull and boar for the use of the inhabitants of the parish of Wicken.