Bundle of typescript, proof and related material

Scope and Content

Bundle of material relating to this volume and to Hamburger generally, consisting of: 

  • Typescript version of some textual additions and substitutions for the volume, along with an annotated photostat of the same.
  • Galley proof of the revised section inserted into the published version at p. 80, which has been corrected by Lord Haliburton who featured in the episode described.
  • Set of corrected page proofs of the book's index.
  • Letter to Peter Jones from Hamburger relating to the photographs for the book.
  • Page proofs of the photographic plates, with captions added in Hamburger's hand.
  • Two typescript poems, 'Footnote on a Neglected Writer' (noted as by Hamburger) and 'The Truths' (unattributed).
  • Four envelopes addressed to Schmidt from Hamburger with postscripts written on the reverse (and lacking their original contents).
  • One further envelope addressed to Schmidt from Oxford.
  • Cutting of headed paper giving Hamburger's address at the University of South Carolina.