Deposit of Bible Christian material

Scope and Content

There is not the slightest desire in this letter to perpetuate the early divisions within Methodism for much happiness has been found in the larger fellowship, but the former Bible Christians cannot forget or wish to forget the Church in which they were raised.

As Richard Pyke stated in his book The Golden Chain, the Bible Christians were not the product of a dispute within another Church but rather `grew up through an outpouring of the Spirit of God…'.

John Wesley's chapel in London and the Bristol New Room etc are revered by the Bible Christians, but Shebbear has a special place in their affections.

Many happy memories will be revived on Thursday 3rd November [1949] at the Methodist Publishing House, when Lewis Court will present to the Methodist Church his collection of Bible Christian memorabilia and manuscripts.

It was last years re-union of ex-Bible Christians that the proposal was put forward and in the last fifteen months, Court has spent much time in arranging his collection for deposit.

Frank Cumbers has kindly consented to provide accommodation for the collection and to make it available for those wishing to consult it.

Charles Stedeford, the oldest surviving Bible Christian minister, has agreed to preside over the events of the day.

Enclosed with the above is an Order of Proceedings and a list of the material to be deposited.

Acquisition Information

Donated by Mr Roger F. S. Thorne for preservation within the Court Collection of Bible Christian Records, March 1995 (MA 9186).

Xerox copy circular letter from Frederick [Leach] Buxton at `Memorial House', Cock Road, Kingswood, Bristol, to ex-Bible Christian ministers.