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From [Richard Henry] Osborne in Gloucester to [Lewis] Court.

He was very pleased to receive Court's letter and wishes his project [Court's collection of Bible Christian manuscripts] all possible success.

Truly Court's life has been a marvel. His courage in studying `Butler's Analogy' is considerable, especially considering Court's lack of a college education. Osborne read it some years ago in connection with the Christian Evidence Society.

Osborne and his wife have read together Court's lovely sonnet on J. W. Robertson and were greatly stirred.

He is surprised that they have been apart for so many years, for they have so much in common, such as love of reading and the beauties of nature. They must try to meet. Unfortunately he is under doctor's orders to avoid exertion or excitement.

Court asked what the cup was used for? Osborne thinks that it was used in the communion service, though before his time. He sent it to Court as a result of Mr Burton's letter, and expects that he will be able to find a place for it.