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From Wesley Swift (Editor of the Wesley Historical Society) at `Brantwood', 37 Alexandria Road, Sale, Manchester, to Lewis Court in Quarry Close, Hill View Road, Minehead, Somerset.

He read with great interest the paragraph in the M R about Court's collection of Bible Christian memorabilia. He wishes that he had known of the existence of the collection earlier.

Swift has worked his way through the early Bible Christian minutes and found them to be very interesting. His immediate purpose was to glean information about female itinerants for writing an article. He would therefore like to ask Court one or two questions.

1. Has Court anything apart from the minutes of Conference which sheds light on the early female itinerants, especially portraits and letters? The former would serve wonderfully as illustrations for the article.

2. Are there any letters etc which would be suitable for publication in the Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society? They are always on the lookout for new material, especially with relation to the non-Wesleyan Churches. Some people think that the Society is concerned only with Wesleyan history, but this is not the case. The problem is made more acute because so few articles about the non-Wesleyan branches of Methodism are submitted.

3. Could Court let him have a list of the items in his collection?.

4. Has Court any duplicates which he could lodge with the WHS?.