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From [William Francis] James in Fisher Street, Malvern, Australia, to [Lewis] Court.

He much appreciated Court's letter of 20th July. The following items also arrived in a separate parcel; Bowler on James Way, the Cardiff fund plan, a handbill announcing opening services in Sevis?? Hall and a pamphlet on union.

There was unfortunately one omission, namely the three letters/pamphlets containing the answers to James's questions concerning Methodist union in Canada. He had hoped that these documents, which James greatly prizes would arrive subsequently, but though several weeks have elapsed they have yet to appear. He trusts that Court will be able to return them after receipt of this letter, especially as he had hoped to have them at hand for the celebration of the Australian Bible Christian centenary. Extracts?? from those letters in the form of a pamphlet were sent to about one thousand ministers in Australasia and served as a handbook for some years.

He was grateful for the souvenir which Court sent. It will be carefully preserved in the museum. He would also be pleased if a copy could be sent to Samuel Way at Montefiore in Adelaide.

Way's devotion to the Church of his father has been invaluable, and he still supports it with all his strength. He is in effect the mainspring of the Australian Bible Christian Centenary celebration, which is to be held between October 9th and 11th 1915, although much of the `slavery' rests with James as the Senior Secretary.

James has read and is preserving reports of the celebration at the Exeter Conference. These will be used to inspire interest in the Australian celebrations.

May God further Court's work and that of Brother Martin in Brighton.

In a postscript, James refers to his superannuation three years before. Despite his retirement, he remains busy with tongue and pen and may produce a volume of reminiscences. What does Court think of the idea?.