Scope and Content

From Frederick Leach Buxton at the `Memorial House', Cock Road, Kingswood, near Bristol, to Lewis Court.

Mr H. E. Down has informed Buxton of the safe arrival at City Road in London of the album of photographs presented to [Frederick William] Bourne. It is a massive album but there is no oak case as they were given to understand.

There were no other documents of any kind in the parcel from Edgehill College.

Now Buxton wishes to send out the final bulletin to all concerned, but before doing so, he would like to know whether anything else has been added to the collection.

He has received a circuit plan dated 1839 from the old St Neot Circuit. That can be included with the other circuit plans.

Has Court sent anything else - apart from those included in the list?.

Buxton shall include a full statement of accounts.

[Frank] Cumbers has given him particulars of when the collection can be viewed.