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From [Samuel Way in Adelaide, Australia] to Revd. [Digory Joseph] Rounsfell, Chairman of the Exeter District in England, and E. Bradley, Honourary Secretary of the United Methodist Church, Exeter.

Way has been looking forward for some years to the Centenary of the Bible Christian Connexion. His long intended visit to England has been delayed, so that he might be present. He had hoped to be accompanied by his dear wife, but this was not to be [Lady Katherine Way died in 1914].

This year is also the Centenary of Methodism in Australia, but Way need hardly say that the Bible Christian anniversary is of greater personal interest.

He is very honoured by the invitation to preside at the great Centenary celebration on Wednesday July 14th, but he is afraid that he is unable to accept. His health has been thoroughly restored but he is working full time on legal, academic, philanthropic and religious matters, so that he is unable to get away this year. Way was absent from the Court a great deal last year and they are very shorthanded on the bench. They need an addition to the judicial staff, but owing to the drought and the financial situation brought on by the war, he doubts that a fourth judge will be appointed just yet.

He would however be very proud to have his name associated with the celebration, and if it is decided to proceed with his correspondents' suggestion, Way would like to propose Mr G. P. Dymond as his representative. This wish should not however prevent the appointment of another person.

If Way is to visit England again, it must be soon as he enters upon his eightieth year in April next.