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From Wesley Swift (editor of the Wesley Historical Society) at 9 Ladywood Road, Roundhay, Leeds, to Lewis Court at Quarry Close, Hill View Road, Minehead, Somerset.

He was grateful for Court's letter of 21 October with reference to the Bible Christian Conference minutes.

He is sending by registered post all the volumes that he borrowed from Mr Quick, namely one bound volume, ten paper covered copies and four stiff covered copies. Swift is still working on them despite the fact that he had them for two and a half years. He would be very glad to have them returned to him when Court has finished with them.

Swift hopes that Court will have a very good time at City Road in London next week. It is very good of Court to present his collection and he looks forward to receiving a copy of the index in due course. They shall then be able to publicise the collections's availability to the public through the WHS proceedings.

Can Court tell Swift anything about the early female itinerant Catherine Harris? In the Conference minutes of 1873 she is recorded as being a supernumary at Bodmin in Cornwall, but his sources drive up after that date. He would like to know when she died and if she remained a supernumary until her death.