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From [Frederick Leach] Buxton at Memorial House, Cock Road, Kingswood, Bristol, to Lewis Court.

The enclosed bulletin [see 91.6.18] will be of undoubted interest to Court. It is being sent to all ex-Bible Christian ministers.

Buxton and John Ford Reed met with the Bristol City Librarian last week and proposed that a place of deposit could be found for Bible Christian books and manuscripts. He was very sympathetic but considered that such a collection would be of interest to only a small and decreasing group of people. He suggested that a distinctly Methodist library like London, City Road would be more appropriate.

Buxton and Reed both wish that they could find a place of deposit in the West of England. Shebbear would be ideal but it is so difficult to get to. They therefore came to the conclusion that London, City Road, would be the best place for this collection to be preserved.

Can Buxton and Reed be of help to Court? If Court approved and felt unable to conduct the necessary correspondence, Buxton would be willing to undertake that responsibility.

The list of memorabilia which Court sent is very interesting, and Reed has some other items which might be of value.