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From Charlotte Phelan at 17 Great Russell Street, London, to Hallifield Cosgayne O'Donnoghue at 32 Hart Street, Bloomsbury Square.

His gift she will prize for many reasons `among the choice of my little collection'.

She regrets very much that Hallifield was unable to accompany them today. They had a happy meeting - the Bishop of Lichfield [James Cornwallis] was in the chair, with Lords Lorton, Bexley and Carberry in attendance with a great many clergymen and other gentlemen. Nothing very decisive was settled, but it appears very likely that the society will build, after seeing what effect an appeal to the public at Freemason's Hall will produce. She hopes that Hallifield will then be in town, especially as Charlotte will try to remain in town for the meeting. She was very appreciative of O'Donnoghue's kind interest in the `humble individual, who in recounting the Lord's mercies to dear Ireland, could not help mixing up too much self in the recital…' Charlotte sends the accompanying volume with her compliments `as a very poor and very FAULTY effort in behalf of poor dear Ireland'. O'Donnoghue may indeed call it a romance, damaged by Charlotte's wild imagination.

A detestation of Roman Catholicism is inherent in Charlotte. She can remember the stirring of this feeling from about the age of six, and ever since she was converted, she has `in my poor way prayed and worked against it'. She was delighted to hear of O'Donnoghue's book and will study it diligently. Spiritual matters are discussed.