Scope and Content

From Frederick Leach Buxton at the `Memorial House', Cock Road, Kingswood, near Bristol, to Lewis Court.

Court must be relieved now that it is all over. His [Court's] work [on the Bible Christian collection] was very well done and everybody was very grateful that such a task has been carried out. Court's long and useful service for the Bible Christians has been crowned with a memorial, which will last for many years.

Enclosed is an account of Buxton's receipts and expenses with a cheque for £6 towards the remainder of Court's expenses. If more is needed and he presumes that such will be the case, Court should let Buxton know and he will write to Mr Stedeford [son of Charles Stedeford], who has promised more help if they need it. He has kept back £2.0.4, which he will need towards the expenses of a bulletin to be sent to all ex-Bible Christian ministers who were present. It should include a final financial statement, so he will wait until he learns what Court's final account will be.

The bulletin will also include a message from [Frank] Cumbers concerning arrangements for viewing the collection.