Handwritten letter from Sir Charles Vernon Boys to Frederick Lanchester

Scope and Content

In reply to LAN/1/12/20 and LAN/1/12/21. Thanks Lanchester for literature sent him; examples of ability to remember mathematical tables; send copy of Gutherie lecture of 1935 and hopes Lanchester will look at the “½ size hyperbola story” (Guthrie lecture. Proceedings of the Physical Society. Vol. 49. 1936. November 1, pp. 881-898. “Gas calorimetry”) [for further discussion of “½ size hyperbola” see LAN/1/12/25, LAN/1/12/26, LAN/1/12/29, LAN/1/12/31-LAN/1/12/33 and LAN/1/12/37. The ½ size hyperbola is probably mainly of interest as an elegant solution to a problem of instrument design in gas calorimetry].