Biographical and autobiographical

Scope and Content

At various times and for different purposes, Frederick Lanchester compiled detailed accounts of his achievements and made several attempts at autobiography. There are three versions, with only minor differences, of a “Concise history of my career”, written c1926 – 1931. In 1936 when submitting a claim for an award from the Air Ministry, he listed his work in aeronautics. In 1938, at the age of 70, he made several efforts to tell his life story, variously headed “Autobiography” or “Memoirs”. All the autobiographical material was kept together by Lanchester in two files. The material in this section is in date order and includes the following items that are on the same subject (LAN/1/1/8 – LAN/1/1/13: notes and memoranda concerning his claim for recognition by the Air Ministry, January 1936; LAN/1/1/22 – LAN/1/1/42: various notes and efforts at “Autobiography” or “Memoirs” 1938).