Miscellaneous letters

Scope and Content

Letters are in alphabetical order of correspondent, organisations, publications, etc. Includes: LAN/1/12/8 – LAN/1/12/19: correspondence with Admiral Sir Reginal Bacon (1937-1939) mostly relating to current affairs, but there are some comments on naval matter in the 1914-1918 war; LAN/1/12/20 – LAN/1/12/39: correspondence with Sir Charles Vernon Boys (1937) mainly on Frederick Lanchester’s calorimeter, and Boys’ “half-size hyperbola”, plus some comments on dimensions and the “slug”; LAN/1/12/41 – LAN/1/12/43: letters on conduct of the war; LAN/1/12/52 – LAN/1/12/71: correspondence with Geoffrey Smith, Director, Iliffe and Sons, Ltd., owners of “Flight” and “The Autocar”, and C.M. Poulsen, Editor of “Flight” - mainly concerned with publication of various articles); LAN/1/12/73 – LAN/1/12/76: relating to date of visit by Lanchester in connection with work on an absolute radiator; LAN/1/12/73 – LAN/1/12/80: correspondence with Philip L. Gray (1937 and 1939); LAN/1/12/100 – LAN/1/12/110: letters to officers of the Royal Aeronautical Society; LAN/1/12/118 – LAN/1/12/125: correspondence with the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders; LAN/1/12/131 – LAN/1/12/159: correspondence with Harold A. Titcomb (a consulting mining engineer who Lanchester probably met in connection with the report on “Germany’s iron industry and the war", from the point of view of air attack” (LAN/1/13/4), prepared by Titcomb with memoranda by Frederick Lanchester, 1917.