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Lanchester wrote a number of papers on optics. It appears that he did some work on various aspects of physiological optics and was ready for publication in 1933 with three papers which he submitted to the Royal Society. The Librarian of the Royal Society reports (30 July 1963) that three papers were submitted, were later withdrawn by Lanchester, and not published by the Society. These were: “Investigations concerning the blind spot of the retina” (received 23 March 1933); “On the seat of permanence of visual impressions” (received 23 March 1933); “On a blind or insensitive hiatus or rift in the field of vision” (received 28 March 1933). It seems likely that material from these papers formed the basis for three papers given in abstract at the Summer Meeting of the Anatomical Society held in Birmingham in 1933. Lanchester had difficulty in obtaining publication of this work. “Discontinuities in the normal field of vision” was published in the Journal of Anatomy (see LAN/1/8/3); “Directional fixity and the transitory visual impression or fleeting image” was published in the limited form of 12 numbered copies which were distributed to parties likely to be interested (see LAN/1/8/4 – LAN/1/8/19); “The Persistence of the visual impression” did not appear to be published.