Copy typewritten letter from Frederick Lanchester to Sir Charles Vernon Boys

Scope and Content

Sends copy of his book “Theory of Dimensions” and explains reason for the special edition of 50 copies; sends copy of paper to the British Association (“Electrical dimensions and units”, given 14 September 1936 and printed in “Engineering” Vol. 142, 1936. pp. 347-350 and 376-377), in which he has attacked the M.K.S. system of units; this was followed by correspondence in “Engineering” (Vol. 142, 1936. Correspondence begins 25 September on page 343, with a report of the paper by Frederick Lanchester and the discussion thereon. Further contributions came as follows:- p. 374, from Professor E.W. Marchant to amplify point made in the discussion. p. 498, further addition to discussion by Marchant, with reply by Lanchester p. 553, answer by Marchant to Lanchester p. 592. Comment by E. Griffiths and J.H. Awbery on the Marchant/Lanchester correspondence. p. 622. Reply to points in the discussion at the British Association meeting, by Lanchester p. 647, reply to all correspondents by Lanchester Vol. 43, 1937. p. 102, further letter from Marchant. p. 145, letters from J.B. Henderson and G.W.O. Howe. p. 201, final letter from Lanchester). The letter refers also to correspondence in “The Engineer” (Vol. 163. 1937. p. 598, letter form R.C. Porter. p. 679, Lanchester replies. p. 733, letter from Professor W. Cramp in support of Porter. Vol. 164. 1937. p. 16, Lanchester replies to Cramp. p. 72. Cramp replies to Lanchester); Lanchester thinks that new universities have been created faster than first-rate men have been found to fill them.