Copy typewritten letter from Frederick Lanchester to H.A. Titcomb

Scope and Content

Lanchester comments on a difficultly he had in 1918 with the American Patent Office, who refused to be convinced that liquids were compressible. In a footnote to a paper “Motor car suspension and independent springing” Lanchester commented on this affair of the patent. The paper appeared in the Journal of the Institution of Automobile Engineers (Vol. IV, no. 7, April 1936, pp. 17-77, with footnote on p. 61). The paper also appeared, with discussion, in the Institution of Automobile Engineers Proceedings (Vol. 30, 1935-1936, with footnote on p. 711). In the June-July issue of the Journal (Vol. IV, no. 9, pp. 4-6) S.M. Udale, Holley Carburettor Co., complains of Frederick Lanchester’s reckless attack on the U.S. Civil Service. In the same issue Lanchester replies quoting in full the correspondence between himself and his agents Marks and Clerk, and between his agents and the U.S. Patent Office (see Lan/1/13/12).