Transcripts of Joanna Southcott material,

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Transcripts of miscellaneous items of prose and verse by Joanna Southcott, dated 1796-1813, transcribed by William Owen [-Pughe] in 1810-1815 and 1820, some from the book of W. T. H[arwood]. The manuscript has 'LETTERS' '10' in gold on the spine. The contents are: pp. 1-18, 'A Communication to shew the Difference between the Anger of the Almighty and The Anger of a finite Creature'; pp. 19-23, 'On the rejection of our Saviour by the Jews as the Messiah they looked for '; pp. 24-28, 'The Thanksgiving Day Dec. 3. 1805'; p. 29, 'An explanation in part of Rev. XII'; pp. 30-32, 'A Communication on the Fast Day in 1797, in answer to Pomeroy'; pp. 33-44, 'Scripture Prophecies of the end' (2 Oct. 1808); pp. 45-48, 'Illumination for Peace, Oct. 17. 1797'; p. 48, 'A Parable Oct. 21. 1797'; pp. 49-50, 'A Victory over the Dutch'; pp. 50-57, 'Easter Sunday, 1797'; pp. 57-63, 'A Communication given Nov. 25. 1810'; p. 64, 'A Communication to G. Turner: Dec. 2. 1810'; pp. 65-67, 'A Communication, announcing Joanna's return to this world after her death, given in 1796'; pp. 67-68, another communication on the same topic (2 July 1796); p. 69, 'A Communication given to George Turner, Jan. 3d. 1813'; pp. 71-72, lines of verse, beginning wanting, transcribed 24 Feb. 1820; pp. 73- 81, 'Wisdom excelleth the Weapons of War'; pp. 89-96. 'A Communication on Joanna's Portrait being drawn by W. Sharp to be engraved'; pp. 97-98, 'The Comet which appeared in Sept. and Oct. 1811 . . .'; pp. 98-111, 'A Communication in answer to Mr. Baker - on the power of Buonaparte and on the Comet'; pp. 112-23, 'The Two Witnesses. Jan. 1812'; pp. 123-6, 'On the Death of Mr. Cheese'; pp. 126-32, 'A Communication on the Discovery of the Imposture of Ann Moore'; pp. 133-42, 'A Communication . . . in answer to those who stumble at the sealing . . . ' (18 July 1813); pp. 143-8, 'A Communication on the Second Sealing to continue from Sept. 2. 1807 to Sept. 2. 1808'; and pp. 148-50, 'A Communication concerning W. T. Harwood', (apparently incomplete).


Title based on contents.

Formerly known as Mysevin 35.

Preferred citation: NLW MS 13256B.

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The description is also available in the Handlist of Manuscripts in the National Library of Wales, Volume IV (Aberystwyth, 1971).

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