Transcripts of Joanna Southcott material,

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A volume of 'Unpublished Letters of Joanna Southcott, collected by Gwilym Owain. Vol. IX', being transcripts of communications and letters dated 1801-1804. The manuscript has 'LETTERS' '9' in gold on the spine. The contents, a list of which is to be found at the beginning of the volume, are as follows: pp. 1-6, 'The Brass- feathered Birds' (27 May 1801); pp. 7-18, 'Observations on the Writings of Swedenbourg. July 16. 1802. To the rev. Stanhope Bruce'; pp. 19-24, 'Communication -July 1. 1802. On Mrs. Bruce losing her Dog'; pp. 24-40, 'July, 2. 1803. The rev. Mr. Mossop's saying, the rubbish should be separated from the good, in Joanna's Writings, answered in the following manner'; pp. 41-48, 'On Mossop's Doubts about B. Bruce. July 3d. Day's Communication'; pp. 49-62, 'On the Loss and the Regaining of Paradise. Tuesday, May 31. 1803'; pp. 63-71, 'An Explanation Why Joanna was ordered to stay a week longer than she first intended in London. June 3. 1803'; pp. 72-77, a letter from J[oanna] S[outhcott] at Paddington to the Reverend [John] Mossop, 24 Oct- 1802; pp. 78-95, a letter from J[oanna] S[outhcott] to Mr. Phillip Norris of Liverpool; pp. 97-110, a letter from Joanna Southcott to Mr. [John] Wilson 'With a Communication to excite fortitude under difficulties'; pp. 111-25, 'A Communication concerning the death of Mr. Foley's Child, with particulars about the parting of the Sealed Number, the Death of Joanna, and Judgments, Being an extract of a Letter from the rev. Mr. Foley, to Mr. Field, dated from Oldswinford, Dec. 6. 1803'; pp. 126-31, 'Directions for applying the signs given for 1804. A Communication given to Joanna Southcott. March, 13, 1804'; and pp. 132-43, 'Directions about Public Worship. A Communication given to Joanna, in answer to Mr. Sharp's letter, dated 17th. March, 1804'.


Title based on contents.

Formerly known as Mysevin 40.

Preferred citation: NLW MS 13261B.

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The descriptions are also available in the Handlist of Manuscripts in the National Library of Wales, Volume IV (Aberystwyth, 1971).

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