Transcripts of Joanna Southcott material,

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A volume of 'Unpublished Letters of Joanna Southcott. Collected by Gwilym Owain. Vol. VI', being letters dated 1802 and 1803 followed by various communications in prose and verse. The manuscript has 'LETTERS' '6' in gold on the spine. A partial list of contents is to be found at the beginning of the volume, the last three items being later additions transcribed from the book of A[nn] Underwood in 1815. The manuscript includes transcripts of letters from Joanna Southcott, some written from Market Deeping, co. Lincoln, to the following : [William] Sharp; Mr. [ ] Field; the Reverend S[tanhope] Bruce; the Reverend [ ] Bates of Eton; the Reverend T[homas] P. Foley; and Messrs. Bruce, Webster and Field; pp. 45-53, a letter from the Reverend J[ohn] Mossop, Market Deeping, to the Reverend [Joseph] Pomeroy; pp. 53-63, 'A Communication in answer to a Preacher, who said, that the Bible would be not more revealed than it was already'; pp. 64-67, 'A Communication in answer to a letter about the illness of Mr. Wilson'; pp. 68-77, 'On the rev. Mr. Mossop's question 'Is not Joanna led by a jesting spirit ?'; pp. 78-83, 'On the refusal of the rev. Mr. Mossop to ansr. whether he would attend at the proving of Joanna's Writings'; pp. 84-92, 'On the Flock of Pidgeons [sic] flying about the Mail Coach - and on Mr. Brothers's Writings'; pp. 93-97, 'On Swedenbourg's description of heaven'; pp. 97-108 , 'Joanna's prayer for Mr. Wilson, and the communication thereon - appearances in the skies, observed by Mrs. Bancroft'; pp. 108-23, 'Joanna's visit to the house where the reed. Mr. Bruce's children were brought up, and a communication thereon'; pp. 123-30, 'A Communication Shewing reasons for joining with the Woman'; pp. 130-2, 'A Communication Taken out of the Sealed Writings, written September 1799, and copied off March 9th. 1805'; pp. 132-7, 'In the year 1798, people were talking in Exeter, how they were to cut down timber, to prevent the French going through the land . . . '; pp. 138-40, 'The following Communication was given, in 1799, in answer to my sister's saying that my brother was like a man who pruned the tree upwards, till he came to the top; and then cried for help to come down'; pp. 141-2, 'An inquiry of letters, in answer to the words spoken at Christmas, to let May be over, and then they should be directed what they had to expect. June 21 st. 1805'. Also within the volume is a loose leaf containing 'A Communication given to Joanna Southcott, in answer to her father, who, seeing all that she had done for him, cried out with astonishment, 'Too much oil puts out the lamp; and too much goodness overcomes me!"'; this transcript is dated 22 April 1816.


Title based on contents.

Formerly known as Mysevin 38.

Preferred citation: NLW MS 13259B.

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The description is also available in the Handlist of Manuscripts in the National Library of Wales, Volume IV (Aberystwyth, 1971).

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