Miscellaneous prose and poetry,

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A composite volume containing miscellaneous material, chiefly in the hand of William Owen [-Pughe]. The volume is lettered on the spine, 'M.S.S. Vol. II'. The contents include: pp. 1-84, a list of English words, A-B, with definitions and a few suggested Welsh equivalents; pp. 85-87, 'A Copy of Verses said to be found in the Priory of Cardigan, supposed to have been wrote by one of the Monks - Ymgomio rhwng Van. a Sion o'r Cae Crin, a'r Brenhin, a Walter o'r Coed Mawr', with accompanying note; pp. 88-107, 'Cardigan Weddings', a transcript of Lewis Morris's description of wedding customs in Cardiganshire (cf. pp. 313-26 below); pp. 108-773, 'Cywydd Marwnad y Parchedig Mr. William Wynn, A. M. Person Llangynhafal, a Mynafon - 1760', by 'Rhys Jones o'r Blaenau ym Meirion', beginning: 'Dwys arwyl, Duw a sorrodd . . . '; pp. 173-76, 'Mr. Paynter's Copy of a Welsh Inscription upon the Monument of Morgan Herbert Esqr. in the Chapel of Eglwys Newydd: with a Translation thereof into Latin and English'; pp. 117-23, 'Copy of a Letter from L. Morris to Wm. Vaughan Esqr ., dated 26 Jan. 1757' (letter published, see Hugh Owen (ed.), Additional Letters of the Morrises of Anglesey (1735-1786), Part I, (London, 1947), pp. 296-99); pp. 127-29, Proposals for printing . . . a Welsh and English Dictionary by William Owen, dated 2 March 1789; p. 131, part of a Welsh vocabulary with Hebrew equivalents, similar portions are found on pp. 168, 278 and 298; p. 133, printed proposals, dated September 1807, for printing certain essays by Edward Davies, curate of Olveston, Gloucestershire, being: 'I. An Essay on the first Introduction of the Art of Writing into the West of Europe . . . II. On the Nature and Origin of the Celtic Dialects . . . III. . . . An Introductory Discourse, containing a general View of the state of Knowledge and Opinion . . .'; p. 135, part of an English-Welsh vocabulary, attempting to correlate similar-sounding words in the two languages; p. 137, draft observations on orthography; pp. 139- 42, 'Priv Gyvarç Taliesin', beginning: 'Priv gyvarç gelvyz pan rylëad . . . '; pp. 143-50, notes relating to the estate of a certain John Phillips, deceased, and to the Wogan family of Pembrokeshire; pp. 151-52, draft proposals for printing 'The first part of the Welsh and English Dictionary', by William Owen [-Pughe], 1793; p. 754, a draft letter from 'Owain O Veirion', [William Owen-Pughe], to Mr. Urban [Sylvanus Urban, pseud. of the editor of the Gentleman's Magazine], referring to [?Joseph Allen]'s proposed History of the County of Pembroke; pp. 155, 157, & 159- 60, notes on the etymology of place and personal names with references to [William Jones], 'G. Cadvan'; p. 161, a draft title-page for an edition of 'Barddoniaeth Dafydd ab Gwilym' by Owen Jones, 1788, together with a note: 'Went to live in No. 12 Pratt Place Camden Town in June 1794'; p. 162, 'englynion', one apparently to Angharad Law-arian, the mother of Ifor Hael, and others entitled 'Tymp Gwragedd' and 'Dychymyg'; p. 163, printed handbill advertising 'Edward Williams, jun., Marble-Mason, at Flimston, near Cowbridge', dated 1779; p. 165, a list of composite Welsh words; p. 167, an English translation of a portion of 'Y Gododdin' by Aneirin, beginning: 'Men went to Cattraeth drunk with sipping Mead . . .'; pp. 169- 80, 'Marwnad Rhisiart Morys yswain Llywydd Cymdeithas anrhydeddus y Cymmrodorion yn Llundain', by [Edward Williams], 'lorwerth Morganwg', 1780, of 'Llanfair ym morganwg', beginning: 'Cwynaw ag accen cannoch . . . '; (continued)
pp. 185-88, 'A Palmyrene Inscription brought from Teive, with Remarks'; pp. 189-90, a translation of a poem, beginning: 'There is a man in the tower of the long visits. . .' (see 'Gwr yssyt yn twr yn hir westi . . .' in The Myvyrian Archaiology of Wales . . . (Denbigh, 1870), p. 267); p. 193, a further passage from 'Y Gododdin' in translation, beginning: 'Many renowned warriors hied . . .'; p. 194, notes on place-names; p. 195, the number of books, chapters, verses, words and letters in the Bible, etc.; pp. 197-98, fragment of a Welsh pedigree, beginning: 'Tudur Trevor iarll Henffordd ab Ynyr ab Cadfarch . . .'; pp. 199-200, a list of Welsh place- names, A to H; pp. 201-03, part of a Welsh-English vocabulary, A-B with additions; pp. 205-08, 'Câd Gozau', being a transcript of part of the poem usually attributed to Taliesin; pp. 209-12, a list of words relating to rivers and waters, mountains, etc.; pp. 213-14, lexicographical notes, ' Gail' to 'Gâl'; pp. 217-20, a Welsh-Latin vocabulary arranged under various headings, in the hand of William Jones, Llangadfan; p. 221, a resolution passed by the Ovatian Meeting of Bards, dated 'Full Moon 8th. Day of Mis Du', and signed by Edward Williams, Edmund Gill, Wm. Owen and Dav. Samwell (copy); p. 224, lines attributed to Siôn Cent, in the hand of Edward Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg'; pp. 225-31, vocabularies, linguistic material, etc.; pp. 233-34, an address from 'Y Dryw' [Edward Hughes], to the Gwyneddigion Society, dated 26 April 1791, concerning his 'awdl' on the subject 'Gwirionedd'; pp. 235-38, fragments of an 'awdl' entitled ['Ystyriaeth ar Oes Dyn'], by, and in the hand of, [David Thomas, 'Dafydd Ddu Eryri'], published in Dafydd Ddu o'r Eryri, Awdlau ar destynau Cymdeithas y Gwyneddigion . . . (Llundain, 1791), tt. [5]-16; p. 239, two rough sketches of a child by [William Owen-Pughe]; pp. 245-50, fragments of an 'awdl' entitled ['Rhyddid'], by, and in the hand of, [David Thomas, 'Dafydd Ddu Eryri'], published in op. cit., pp. 16-32; p. 253, an epigram based on Jeremiah XVIII, 4, beginning: 'Of late some Celestials, Archangels I ween . . .', by [Edward Williams], 'Iolo Morganwg'; p. 255, notes on the population of Wales by county; pp. 257-59, 'Cywydd Marwnad Syr Rhys Wgawn a las ym Mrwydr Cressi yn Ffrainc', by Iolo Goch, beginning : 'Llyma oerchwedl cenhedlawr . . .'; pp. 260-62, 'Llyma Awdl i Esgob Bangor am esgeuluso prydydd a mawrhau Cerddor Tant', by either Iorwerth Beli or Iolo Goch, beginning: 'Arglwydd Grist Culwydd calon-gyflawnvad . . .'; pages 257-63 are in the hand of 'Iolo Morganwg'; p. 263, 'Awdl arall ar yr yn [sic] Testun, sef Dosparth ymryson, y Beirdd a'r Telynorion A gant Iorwerth Beli. (Llyfr laco ab Dewi)', by Iorwerth Beli or Iolo Goch, beginning: 'Pan aeth Caswallawn Hir i Dir Mab Dôn . . .'; p. 265, draft of a letter concerning symbols; pp. 267-68, a portion of a Latin translation of the work of Diodorus Siculus, 'page 354: paragraph 31. Westling's Amsterdam Edition: fol. 1746', beginning: Ipsi terribili sunt aspectu . . . [and ending] . . . una Gallorum appellatione comprehendunt', the passage containing references to bards and druids; pp. 269-70, draft of a letter, n.d., to the Rev. John Whitaker from [William Owen-Pughe]; p. 273, a list of classical and mythological personages; pp. 275-77, ancient alphabets; p. 279, a further translation of part of 'Y Gododdln', beginning: 'Men went to Cattraeth who were a gallant army . . .'; p. 281, a list of place-names beginning with 'Caer-'; p. 283, 'englynion' (2) on a slate at Llanfrothen church; p. 285, verses beginning: 'Tra dedwydd dy ran, pwy bynnag wyt . . .'; p. 287, 'Pennillion [sic] I annerch Gwilym Owen', beginning: 'Ti fuost mor weddol a Ilunio'n allanol . . .'; pp. 289--90, a short list of MSS housed in the British Museum; p. 291, early Merioneth pedigrees, beginning: 'Gwyn ab Gr. ab Beli ab Selyf ab Brochfael ab Aeddan . . .'; p. 293, a list of bards, singers, etc., who attended the eisteddfod at Bala, [? 29-30 September, 1789]; pp. 295-96, 'Cywydd i Arglwydd Rodney', beginning: 'Yr Iôr mawr! ar warr Moroedd . . .' by R[hys] Jones; p. 297, dates of birth of members of the Owen family; p. 299, a panegyric on the sea by [? William Owen-Pughe], beginning: 'Hawddamor ! ti annispyddadwy ffynnon o ryfeddod a myfyrdod ! . . .'; pp. 301-05, 'Llyma Araith Iolo Gôch', beginning 'Nid amgen Mackwy serchawgddeddf, Cystuddliw' (text published, see D. Gwenallt Jones, Yr Areithiau Pros (Caerdydd, 1934) tt. 12-17); pp. 305-07, 'Araith i Ddafydd ap Bleddyn ap Ithel Llwyd ap Ithel Gam Esgob. Llan Elwy', by Iolo Gôch, beginning: 'Da iawn fu Fordaf Naf nifeiriawg . . .'; pp. 307-08, 'Araith arall o Fendith ar Lys Howel Kyffin Deon Llan Elwy' by Iolo Goch, beginning: 'Da yw Bendith Bardd a Duw Bendig . . .'; p. 308, 'Yr 8 sillaf Bhogalawc', an eight line stanza by Willm. Middleton alias Gwilym Ganoldref, beginning: 'Hwlyn goeg ae hel yn gâs . . .'; p. 309, 'Arwydd o barch gan Gymdeithas y Gwyneddigion i Robert William o Lys Padrig yn Eifionydd, am ei Awdl ar y Testyn i Eisteddfod Dinbych B.A. 1792: sef Cyflafan y Beirdd', being three ' englynion', beginning: 'Llyma ddu odfa adfyd, o wewyr . . .'; p. 311, copy of a letter, dated 25 December 1794, from R[obert] Davies, 'Coviadur' [ Cymdeithas y Gwyneddigion], to Owen Jones; pp. 313-26, a text in the hand of Lewis Morris, entitled 'The Manner of their solemnizing their Marriages among the Mechanics, Farmers & Common people in Cardiganshire, peculiar I think to this Country and its borders'; pp. 329- 31, a copy of pp. 321-23 above; pp. 333-36 a copy of pp. 313-26 above, omitting the verses; pp. 338-40, notes in the hand of Edward Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg', on the Bards of the Island of Britain and their opposition to slavery; pp. 341-50, 'General Hints addressed to Newly admitted Bards, in the London Gorsez'; pp. 353-65, 'English words derived from Welsh', and 'a list of Welsh & Cornish words from whence English one[s] are derived'; and pp. 367-68, 'Welsh radixes used in Composition of Names of Places'.


Title based on contents.

Formerly known as Mysevin 6.

Preferred citation: NLW MS 13226C.

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The description is also available in the Handlist of Manuscripts in the National Library of Wales, Volume IV (Aberystwyth, 1971).

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