Transcripts of Joanna Southcott material,

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Transcripts of miscellaneous items of prose and verse by Joanna Southcott, dated 1803-1807, transcribed by William Owen [-Pughe] in August and September 1810 and in March 1811, mainly from the book of W. T. Harwood. The contents are: pp. 1-3, 'The Serpent'; pp. 4-6, 'The last elect Child'; pp. 6-7, 'The Turks'; pp. 8-11, 'The Bond'; pp. 11- 12, 'Swearing and taking Oaths'; pp. 12-16, 'The Death of Dowland'; p. 16, 'The Woman': pp. 17-20, 'Judgments on Mockers - Protection to Believers'; pp. 20-29, 'A Dream by Joanna of Boiling the Bible explained'; pp. 29-30, 'The likeness of Men and fallen Angels'; pp. 31-32, 'Sealing of Papers in 1803'; pp. 33-37, 'Mrs. Bruce's illness and approaching death'; pp. 37-42, 'The false prophetess at Newcastle'; pp. 43-45, 'An Explanation of page 74 of W[arning] to the World'; p. 45, 'The third part of the Stars drawn to the earth'; pp. 46-48, 'On the reports concerning Tozer'; pp. 49-66, 'On kindred Spirits'; pp. 67-71, 'Concerning Joanna's 15 years of life'; pp. 72-73, 'A letter from Joanna to Miss Townley' (5 June 1804); pp. 73-74 'Dream of the Dog and Cat'; pp. 74-75, 'A letter from Joanna to Miss Townley' (9 June 1804); pp. 76-86, 99-102, & 87, 'A letter to Miss Townley on the Trial' (11 June 1804); pp. 87-98, & 103-115, 'Different judgments on Joanna's Vision' (4-5 August 1804); pp. 115-35, 'The Dream of the Mountains of Snow'; and pp. 135-6, 'Dreams of Joanna, 1807'.


Title based on contents.

Formerly known as Mysevin 34.

Preferred citation: NLW MS 13255A.

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The description is also available in the Handlist of Manuscripts in the National Library of Wales, Volume IV (Aberystwyth, 1971).

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