Periodicals containing poems translated by Strachan

Scope and Content

Whilst engaged in writing his own poetry during the 1940s, Strachan also worked on translating poems by a wide range of twentieth-century French poets. Many of these translations appeared in his anthology, Apollinaire to Aragon, in 1948, but during the same period he was also publishing individual poems in journals and magazines. A number of these are represented here, as follows:

  • /1 The New Statesman and Nation, vol. XXVIII, no. 705 (26 August 1944). Contains 'Paris', adapted by Strachan from the French sonnet by Charles Péguy, p. 135.
  • /2 Cutting from The Tribune (1 June 1945): 'The night of Dunkirk', translated by Strachan from the French of [Louis] Aragon.
  • /3 Modern Reading, no. 13, edited by Reginald Moore (London: Wells Gardner, Darton and Co., 1945). Contains 'La nuit de Mai' by Aragon, translated by Strachan, pp. 46-7.
  • /4 The Adelphi, vol. 22, no. 2 (January-March 1946). Contains 'More beautiful than tears', translated by Strachan from the French of Louis Aragon, pp. 51-53.
  • /5 Cutting from France (26 April 1946): 'Chanson de récréance' by [Louis] Aragon, with English translation, 'Song of faith', by Strachan.
  • /6 The New English Weekly, vol. XXIX, no. 15 (25 July 1946). Contains in the correspondence column, 'Braque', a letter from Strachan, with his translation of some aphorisms on art by Braque.
  • /7 Adam International Review, year XIV, no. 162-3 (September-October 1946). Contains 'Landscape of France' by Pierre-Jean Jouve, 'The sultan' by Jacques Prévert and 'Tartuffe' by François Mauriac', all translated by Strachan, pp. 14-15.
  • /8 Outposts, no. 7 (1947). Contains 'To Federico Garcia Lorca', translated from the French of Pierre Emmanuel by Strachan, pp. 8-9.
  • /9 The Wind and the Rain, vol. VII, nos. 2-3 (1951). Contains 'The girl of Budapest' by Henri Michaux, translated by Strachan, p. 156.
  • /10 Cutting from The Listener (3 April 1952): 'Marcel Proust', translated from the French of Paul Morand by Strachan. Stored with a marked galley proof of the poem.

Related Material

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