Books on sculpture

Scope and Content

Strachan's interest in modern sculpture developed as a result of his acquaintance with Henry Moore, who in 1942 settled in Perry Green, a hamlet near Much Hadham and Bishop's Stortford. Moore welcomed Strachan to his studio, and over the years Strachan was to take numerous pupils, artists and friends to visit Moore and see his work. He published various articles on Moore's work during the 1950s and 1960s, and was delighted to be approached by Moore in 1982 about the possibility of writing a book on his animal sculptures, drawings and graphic work. The resulting volume appeared in 1983. During the 1970s and 80s, Strachan had also become increasingly interested in the work of other British and European sculptors - including that of many contemporary artists working in the genre. He corresponded with, and visited, many working sculptors, and after extensive research published his volume Towards sculpture (1976), in which he explored the relationship between sculptors' sketches, studies, working drawings and maquettes, and the resulting definitive sculpture. His Open air sculpture in Britain appeared in 1984, the fruit of much painstaking research; his inspiration for the volume came from an illustrated guide to sculpture in Harlow, Essex, written by Lady Gibberd, who supplied an introduction to Strachan's volume. These three sculpture-related volumes are all represented here, as follows:

  • /1 Towards sculpture: drawings and maquettes from Rodin to Oldenburg (London: Thames and Hudson, 1976). With one loose insert: a cutting relating to Robert Adams dated 10 April 1984.
  • /2 Henry Moore: animals (London: Aurum Press, 1983).
  • /3 Open air sculpture in Britain: a comprehensive guide to over 550 works by 195 modern sculptors (London: A. Zwemmer Ltd in association with Tate Gallery Publications, 1984). Signed by the author, and with manuscript dedication to Strachan from Henry Moore (both dated 27 July 1984).