Exhibition posters

Scope and Content

A series of exhibition posters relating to exhibitions with which Strachan had some involvement. Exhibitions represented are as follows:

  • /1 'André Lhote: Peintures et Aquarelles de 1909 à 1918', at the Galerie Galanis, Paris, 10 August 1955-31 March 1956. Poster signed by Lhote.
  • /2 'The Artist and the Book in France: Matisse to Minaux 1943-1968', Leicester, [1968].
  • /3 'Livres de Pierre Lecuire', at the Centre National D'Art Contemporain in Paris, 26 January-12 March 1973.
  • /4 'Geoffrey Clarke: early engraved work and iron sculpture' at Taranman gallery, London, 9 June-15 July 1976.
  • /5 'The Artist and the Book in France: 20th century painters, sculptors, engravers', at the Playhouse Gallery, Harlow, 18 September-11 October [1980].
  • /6 'Boeken van Pierre Lecuire', at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, [The Hague], 17 January-27 February 1986.