Scope and Content

Consists of:

- revised proof of proposed bill to consolidate and amend the law on illegitimate children (1 Apr 1890)

- memorandum on amending the Bastardy Act 1890

- correspondence concerning illegitimacy in France (1920)

- letter with extracts about whether illegitimacy barred entrance to the civil service, medicine, the church (1945)

- letters with statistics of legitimate and illegitimate births (1946)


- leaflet 'Nobody's child', Mar 1923

- leaflet 'The mental deficiency problem and maternity and child welfare', reprinted from 'Mother and Child', Feb 1934

- leaflet 'The illegitimate child in Scotland', reprinted from 'Mother and Child', Sep 1935

- leaflet 'The unmarried mother: a few notes for student health visitors', by Susan Musson, reprinted from 'Mother and Child', Jul 1936

- leaflet 'Some powers of local authorities in England and Wales in regard to the health and care of unmarried mothers and their children', National Council for the Unmarried Mother and her Child, 2nd edition 1936

- pamphlet 'A few points of the law of England and Wales relating to unmarried mothers and illegitimate children', National Council for the Unmarried Mother and her Child, 5th edition 1937 (manuscript notes)

- leaflet 'Affiliation cases in the courts', reprinted from 'Mother and Child', Jan 1937

- leaflet 'Children without names', reprinted by the National Council for the Unmarried Mother and her Child 1944

- pamphlet 'The illegitimate child: a challenge to society' by HP Newsholme 1935 and reprint from 1945

- pamphlet 'Illegitimate children born in Britain of English mothers and coloured Americans. Report of a survey by Miss Sylvia McNeill', London: The League of Coloured Peoples, 1945

Press cutting:

- 'Illegitimate births doubled in England in '45' from 'Chicago Daily Tribune' (1948)