Enquiries and campaigns

Scope and Content

Consists of papers relating to:

- Memorial of the Contagious Diseases Acts

- Canvassing Parliamentary candidates regarding solicitation laws

- Ten Towns Enquiry

- Solicitation (papers and publications on amending solicitation laws eg Street Offences Act 1959)

- Venereal diseases

- Procuration

- Armed Forces

- Seamen in ports

- Sexual morality

- Women in the Colonial Office / Colonies Service Committee

- Traffic in Women

- Employment of Women Police

- Russian Women's Hostel in Shanghai

- Executive Committee Correspondence

- Sexual offences and age of consent

- Prostitution

- Mrs Bligh Scrutton's papers

- Female circumcision

- Human rights (majority of papers relate to Human Rights Year 1968)

- Women's Action Group

- Correspondence and reports of W Moody

- Press cuttings