Birth control and contraceptives

Scope and Content

Consists of correspondence concerning:

- the views of Mrs Florence Bramwell Booth and Mrs Katharine Bushnell who were against the sale of contraceptives and wanted the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene to take a similar stand. The Association for Moral and Social Hygiene declined to express an official opinion regarding it as outside the scope of its work

- resignations of Katharine Bushnell, Florence Booth and Miss Fanny Forsaith as vice-presidents of the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene

- the publication of resignation letter in 'National Life' (Dec issue)(attached with letter dated 18 Dec 1936), and reported in 'The Times' (see letter dated 7 Feb 1937) and the 'Church Times' (see letter dated 5 Feb 1937). (See Executive Committee minutes GB 106 AMS/A/01/17)

- the Contraceptives (Regulation) Bill 1937 and the use of slot machines to sell contraceptives in public places

- the emergency resolution of the National Council of Women of Great Britain which states that uncontrolled public sale of contraceptives is a 'direct incentive to general sexual promiscuity...'

- decisions of the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene committee with reference to the bills for restriction of advertisements and exposure of contraceptives

- the Council's Contraceptives Bill to prohibit the public display of contraceptives

- typescript of editorial from 'The Shield' (Mar 1934) on the Contraceptives Bill

- press release concerning 'Contraception and the young : new DHSS guidance'


- Concerning Mrs Margaret Sanger's US Birth Control Bill and the 'New Morality' campaign from 'The Full Atonement Message' (Feb 1935) (with letter dated 30 Jan 1935)

- page from 'Birth Control News' with extract from Mrs Booth's letter entitled 'Doctor's days' (Apr 1935) (with letter dated 4 Jun 1935)

- pamphlet 'God Shall Send Them Strong Delusion. Comments on an International Contraception Conference' by Katharine Bushnell

- 'Bill intitled An Act to restrict the sale, display and advertisement of contraceptives', London: HMSO (1934)

- printed letter from the Public Morality Council asking for comments on the draft Contraceptives Bill (1935)

- Letter to the editor by Florence Booth page from 'National Life' (Jun 1937)

- 'Contraceptives (sale)' from 'Written answers' Hansard (13 Jul 1949)

Press cuttings:

- Margaret McConnel's letter and the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene's response from 'Church Times' (8 Jan and 15 Jan 1937)

- the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene's response to resignations published in 'Edinburgh Evening Dispatch' (20 Feb 1937), 'Nottingham Evening Post' (24 Feb 1937), 'The Times' (27 Feb 1937)

- 'Changes in the size of families' from 'The Times' (27 Jun 1949)

- 'The problem of population. Dr Garbett on the Report of the Royal Commission' from 'The Guardian' (8 Jul 1949)

- Letters to the editor of 'The Times' (12 and 15 Sep 1949)

- 'Low standards of government. Protest by JP' from 'The Daily Telegraph' (22 Sep 1949)

- 'Ban slot machines in public' women urge" from 'Evening Post' (20 Oct 1949)