Sexual morality: publications and press cuttings

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- pamphlet 'London County Council Remand Homes Report of Committee of Inquiry: London: HMSO (1945)

- leaflet 'The challenge of the Christian sex standard' address delivered at an Alliance of Honour Public Meeting held in the Caxton Hall, London on 9 Mar 1944 by the Archbishop of Canterbury, published by the Alliance of Honour

- leaflet 'Appendix. The unstable adolescent girl' (with letter dated 20 Jan 1947)

Press cuttings:

- 'Immorality. Both sexes responsible' from 'Catholic Herald' (18 Oct 1940)

- 'Christian attitude to sex. National Society in conference' from 'The Times' (6 Sep 1947)

- 'Teenage girls in a world of fantasy' from 'Sunday Dispatch' (11 Oct 1953)

- 'In morals the 'law is neutral' from 'Evening Chronicle' (10 Mar 1954)

- 'Sound education on sex needed, not 'birds and bees' talk' from 'Stockport Advertiser' (12 Mar 1954)

- 'It happens now. Women on the streets. Misery of human wastage' by M Chave Collisson from 'Church Times' (19 Mar 1954)

- 'A doctor makes a challenge' from 'Woman of Beauty' (Apr 1954)

- 'Sex? I read it in a book she says' from 'Evening Argus' (26 Apr 1956)

- 'Blatant vice in city streets. Lack of moral training' (publication unidentified) (27 Apr 1956)

- 'Big city scandals' from 'Lincolnshire Echo' (27 Apr 1958)

- 'Blatant vice in city streets. Lack of moral training' (no publication) (27 Apr 1956)

- 'Churchmen vote against secret debate on vice' from 'Evening Standard' (14 Nov 1957)

- 'Difference in public morals' from 'Bury Free Press' (15 Nov 1957)

- 'Couples in parks shock peer, 76' from 'News Chronicle' (13 Jul 1959)

- 'Last attack on Vice Bill Peer astonished at park behaviour' from 'Daily Telegraph' (15 Jul 1959)

For following publications consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue:

- pamphlet 'Is a new moral appeal needed?' by Alison Neilans Association of Moral and Social Hygiene (May 1922) (ref 176 ISA)

- leaflet 'An Equal Moral Standard. What does it mean?' by Alison Neilans, Association for Moral and Social Hygiene (May 1925) (ref 305.420941 JOS)

- leaflet 'The unity of the moral law' by Alison Neilans, reprinted from 'The Shield' Sep 1941 (ref 241.66 NEI)

- 'Manual of Vigilance Law' 3rd and 4th editions (ref 345.0253 BEW) (note c 1987 states that it was re-catalogued)