Electro-Chemistry Lecture Notes

Scope and Content

A note in the front of the volume indicates that it was begun in October 1915 but there are no further attempts to either date or number individual lectures. These lectures would have formed part of Wilkinson's studies for his B.Sc. in chemistry.

In brief, the lectures deal with Faraday's laws, voltameters, electrolytic dissociation, conductivity, conductivity of water, J.J. Thomson's theory, theory of electro-motive force, concentration cells, quantitative relation between chemical and electrical energy, lead accumulator, absolute potentials, decomposition voltages, methods of measuring over voltage, and separation of potentials of ions.

Towards the rear of the volume there is a section entitled 'additional notes' which is dated 1919. Wilkinson took a break from studies in 1916 to join active war service and was not demobilised until 1919 when he resumed his studies. These notes address transfer resistance, metal overvoltages, and theories of passivity.