Physical Laboratories Experiment Record Book

Scope and Content

Note book issued by the Physical Laboratories, University of Manchester for students to record all experiments performed and the results obtained. The regulations can be found on the inside of the front cover. Wilkinson's recordings in this volume begin on 12 October 1914 and finish on 8 March 1915. These notes would have formed part of Wilkinson's studies for his B.Sc. in chemistry.

His experiments include work with pendulums, elasticity, a hydrometer, a Vernier scale, sliding callipers, a spherometer, correction of thermometers, Boyle's law apparatus, finding the specific heat of marble by the method of mixtures, to find the melting point of naphthalene, to find the boiling point of benzene, to obtain the refractive index of a glass cube, to find the angle of the prism, methods of finding focal lengths, the sonometer or monochord, resonance, pressure coefficients, magnetism and electricity, to find the intensity of the earth's field, and Wheatstone's Bridge.