Pharmacology Notes

Scope and Content

Student notes on pharmacology including but not limited to the materia medica, introduction of drugs into the body, dosage, alkalis, positive ions, heavy metals, paraffin series, alcohol, anaesthesia, hypnotics, urethanes, antipyretics, antiseptics, aromatic derivatives, nitrates, opium, cocaine group, caffeine, strychnine group, pyridine group, digitalis group, endocrine secretions, thyroid extract, vegetable purgatives, parasiticides, and volatile oils. Some botanical specimens have been attached to the notes as examples in the cases of the cocaine group, the digitalis group, and vegetable purgatives.

There is a copy of the 1924-6 programme for the Department of Physiology of the Victoria University of Manchester

Some notes have been written on the back of a typescript notice of the 3rd Reunion of the Dunham Park Camp, part of South East Lancashire Boy Scouts Association, with a programme of events.