Practical Botany

Scope and Content

Inserted at intervals throughout the volume are typescript outlines and requirements of the practical botany course parts 1-16. Outline drawings of the relevant specimens for each stage of assessment in pencil were required. In order through the course these include: (1) upright herbaceous plant, the bean, and potato, (2) seed of castor oil & grains of wheat and maize, (3) cells of tomato, Canadian pond weed & beetroot, (4) structure of the root, (5-6) structure of the stem, (7) the leaf, (8) bulbs, corms & tubers, (9) flower, stamen, (10) flowers, (11) the fern, (12) spirogyra, vaucheria, protococcus, chlamydomonas etc., (13) saprophytic fungi, (14) parasitic fungi, (15) parasitic fungi & mycorrhiza, (16) yeast.