Exercise Book of Physiological Drawings

Scope and Content

Inside the front cover is written Wilkinson's name alongside his home address of 'Brantwood', Dialstone Lane, Stockport and his working address of The 'Levinstein' Research Lab, Chemistry Department, University.

The volume contains a number of physiological drawings mainly of various animal parts. These are predominantly in red and black ink with some pencil drawings towards the rear of the volume.

The drawings are as follows: rana temporaria (common frog) - buccal cavity, viscera and alimentary canal, reproductive organs and cloaca of the female & male frog, heart from the ventral side, heart and sinus venosus, renal portal system, arterial system, axial skeleton, the skull, appendicular skeleton, the brain, peripheral nervous system; scyllium canicula (dog fish) - head region ventrally, male pelvic fins, vertebra, skull, scales, pelvic girdle, pectoral girdle, viscera, heart and sinuses, the afferent branchials, male and female reproductive organs, vagus nerve; frog's blood; human blood; earthworm glands; circulation in web of frog's foot; squamous epithelium, cast skin of newt; ciliated epithelium, lining of gill of muscle; trachea of rabbit; compound tubular glands, kidney of frog, hepato-pancreas of crayfish; simple tubular glands, dog's intestine, stomach of cat; allolobophora (earthworm) - dorsal dissection, external features; amoeba proteus; paramecium cavdatum; monocystis; hydra viridis; obelia; lepus (hare) - appendicular skeleton, abdominal viscera, male and female reproductive system, circulatory system, thoracic viscera, brain, skull; periplaneta (cockroach) - mandible, thoracic appendage, alimentary canal.